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Under Article 2213 of the Community Customs Code, the general rule is that a customs debt ceases to be enforceable three years after the date on which it was incurred. HoursEVERY DAY: 11:30AM – 12AM. Most PHARE financed studies concern improving government and/or private sector institutions, improving policy formulation and implementation e. In addition to a well developed and sophisticated system of corporate governance comprising a Board of Governors, a Board of Directors, an Audit Committee and an Internal Audit division each with clearly defined responsibilities the Bank’s activities and accounts are subject to the independent control of a firm of external auditors as well as to close scrutiny every year by the major credit rating agencies. Once the increased advance payment had been decided, it was equitable to extend the benefit to those firms whose contracts had only just started. Monitoring, control and assessment 4. The Commission also offers technical assistance to help the Member States solve this problem. The awarding of contracts 10. This overrun has since been offset this year by routine decommitments concerning regional projects. Best Sportsbook Bonuses. Audits were based on audit visits to five Member States DK, F, I, NL, UK and a questionnaire that was sent to the remaining seven. The opening of delegations in the Baltic States, which is being proposed to the Budgetary Authority, will complete the local presence of the Commission in the PHARE countries. With regard to development aid from both the budget structural adjustment support programmes in four Arab countries and the European Development Fund regional cooperation, the Court concludes that objectives fixed were so vague or general that it is very difficult to make satisfactory comparisons between what has been done and what was intended. Frequently contributions were not paid by all members on the volume of their produce marketed, but only on the volume of their produce withdrawn. Ag offers live betting odds on all of your favorite teams and matchups. The number of cases involving customs fraud and irregularities either suspected or established that have been the subject of exchanges of information under Regulation EEC No 1468/81 between the Commission and the Member States has risen from 33 in 1988 to a grand total of 534 in 1994 114 new cases in 1994. It is indispensable, however, that this is done within the context of evaluating the execution of the whole budget. >REFERENCE TO A FILM>. In addition to the controls on individual declarations, internal control procedures are in existence in the countries visited by the Court. E unjustified recourse to the direct treaty procedure. Since 1993 the Council has added the requirement that the SMEs’ interests be taken into account in the various Community initiatives and policies and that the SMEs should be encouraged to adapt to structural changes and to those brought about by the Community internal market. The office of departure is the customs office where the Community transit operation begins, Commission Regulation EEC No 2454/93, Article 309b. Accuracy of the accounts. Dine Al Fresco at Pasta Tree. In the United Kingdom Heathrow, although ex post facto checks partly concentrated on imports only, they revealed errors which necessitated modification. The management of the market. Access to such raw material would be conditional on a processor fulfilling his normal level of contracts at minimum prices. In presenting the audit findings, Morocco, Tunisia and Jordan are considered together.

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Of this, 41% was provided by the EU and its Member States and 26% by international financial institutions. Do you remember when the only betting options were jetting off to Las Vegas, government run sports lotteries or dealing with a shady backroom bookie. This chapter deals, mainly from the point of view of sound financial management, with expenditure on the allowance for tuna intended for the canning industry charged to heading B1 261 ‘Intervention for fishery products` of the general budget. Now that Virginia sports betting apps have launched, you have access to all of the markets and bet types you could ask for from your phone or tablet. Until the end of 1993, the Commission confined itself to paying the Foundation the sums which had been laid down under the financing agreements for the projects, without exercising any budgetary control over the way in which the Foundation functioned or any financial management control over the projects. A system to reconcile the EIB and Commission accounts on a regular basis was introduced early this year. She comes in three selectable lengths depending on size and preference, and will soon be available in three tightnesses as well. If you like more pomp and circumstance with your sports betting, you might find Caesars VA lacking in comparison to others. For that reason, when some procedures e. It provides that discharges into less sensitive areas of waste waters from agglomerations of more than 150 000 p. Need for improved follow up by the Commission. Council Regulation EEC No 397/75 of 17 February 1975 OJ L 46, 20. At the same time, the Commission continued to implement the ESFs applying to previous planning periods hereinafter referred to as ESF 1984 89 and ESF 1990 93 by both undertaking commitments and making payments during the financial year 1994. At present, systematic verification of the accuracy of commitments and payments in the main Sincom and subsidiary Ampere C systems is carried out; reconciliation between the two systems renders possible the immediate detection and correction of differences. On the question of eligibility, the Commission has recognized certain difficult cases, which are at present being studied in depth by the departments concerned. Computerization of the Community transit system. Codest appointed over 150 active scientists to evaluation panels for this purpose. In Bulgaria, in May 1994, only one third of the management units used this computer system which had been introduced in October 1992. Following discussions between services of the Court, Bank and Commission the latter has supplied the Court with a statement regarding revenues and costs covering the period 1966 93 and figures for the year 1994. It’s a good choice for people who are looking to bet on football with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. In addition, the Commission considers the results obtained with regard to job creation to be satisfactory in relation to the Community contribution ECU 8. The appropriations were cancelled once the proposer found that the methods put forward were not competitive and he terminated the project. 7 million in May 1994.

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A contribution of 1 200 Mio LIT from the Italian State was also provided for, but this obligation was not subsequently honoured. For national and local administrations, the execution of environmental projects, and the LIFE non nature projects in particular, is often experimental or innovative, and they do not always have the formal administrative procedures to carry out the projects. Actual expenditure during a financial year = total payments during the financial year = payments against appropriations for payment of the financial year plus payments against appropriations for payment carried over from the preceding financial year;. Eastern Africa March 1991, Indian Ocean March 1991, Central Africa July 1991. The desired objectives have been achieved especially in terms of targeted social spending;. Moreover, in 1994 the same contract, which covered administrative expenditure, continued to be financed from operating appropriations. >REFERENCE TO spark catering A FILM>. The Commission allowed an inflation factor to be applied to take account of the rise in costs. In both cases, an in depth study of the information requirements and a precise definition of the operations necessary is indispensable. Economic Impact20 May 2021. For example, 4,9 Mio ECU was spent between December 1991 and October 1993. Two of the three POs which had notified their intention to withdraw ceased withdrawing produce when the audit was announced and no withdrawals were witnessed. As the Commission pointed out in the communication on fraud in the transit procedure, fraudulent transit operations mainly concern goods which are subject to high rates of duty or are highly profitable in terms of the level of protection afforded by Community policies. These examples, like the example of the 26 studies supplied on Bulgarian agriculture paragraph 10. Given the fluctuations in production, due mainly to weather conditions, the degree of self sufficiency can change considerably, depending on the reference years taken as the basis for calculation. With effect from 1 January 1993, goods are now carried under the Community transit system within the European Union, without any checks at internal frontiers, until they reach their final destination, where they are placed under other customs arrangements usually free circulation following payment of import duties and charges. Ready for those hair raising races. Delays in carrying out projects.

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The 9mm filters offer the advantage of effectively reducing visible particles, pollutants and nicotine without. Non eligible expenditure was noted, such as inflated depreciation for equipment under OP No 90 1037 E1 0,6 Mio ECU, as well as for hire deposits and financial charges. The Portuguese fleet comprised about 30 boats registered in Madeira and 36 registered in the Azores. In the winter months we offer a cozy fireplace in our wine bar. Since the Lomé III objectives for regional cooperation have been worded in very general terms, it is not possible to make a valid comparison between what was intended and what was in fact carried out paragraphs 12. Given the fast commitment of resources over the first year and soaring demand for EES activities, extra funds needed to be provided without interrupting this very successful programme. The more you play, the more rewards you will earn. Such coordination helps to improve the dissemination of the results of projects carried out. © 2022 by Fupping Media. The Commission agrees with the Court’s observation that certificates of expenditure by the Member States should be based on reliable data and it systematically draws the attention of the national authorities to the need to check the data sent to them by other authorities. We have single deck blackjack, double deck blackjack, and three card poker to name just a few options. Eurispes Institute of Political, Economic and Social Studies: Phoney undertakings and phoney entrepreneurs, from ghost industries to the development of the areas affected by the earthquake in southern Italy, S. Against this background, the Court invites the Commission to ask the Italian authorities to arrange for the project to be brought to completion by reallocating unused parcels in the industrial estates. It found that, by 31 December 1994, nine projects had already received part or all of the financing provided. A the terms of reference for technical assistance should provide more details on the control tasks, and should fix the timetable, the audit scope, the approach and reporting procedures. Private Parties Host your next party or get together. We’ve put the app through its paces numerous times and have always come away impressed. 3, annex 2, of each LIFE decision. 32 to be used for payment for withdrawn produce depending on the form of packaging, in Regulation EC No 872/95 the Commission abolished the coefficient 0. Once the increased advance payment had been decided, it was equitable to extend the benefit to those firms whose contracts had only just started. The lack of transparency in the choice of intermediary bodies, the lack of complete definitions of their role and the difficulties found in the administration of these types of intervention should lead the Commission to reconsider the objectives of and implementation methods for global subsidies. The only ex post assessments concern information or training measures for employees or their representatives budget heading B 34004 for the years 1992 and 1993, which account for approximately half of the expenditure in this area. The structural adjustment support programmes introduced in principle a novel instrument within the framework of the Mediterranean protocols in the form of budgetary support. Finally, improved targeting of Community interventions, based on quantitative criteria number of persons employed, turnover, balance sheet total and independence and qualitative standards operating in a specific economic sector, the enterprise’s innovativeness, etc. As for all projects, the quality of the preparatory studies may have serious consequences not only for the scheduling of the projects, but also for their cost and impact. The annual budget for the two networks is currently of the order of 800 000 ECU. Financial and accounting management. Of course, you do not have to use the website to deposit or withdraw any cash. The Commission acknowledges the points raised by the Court concerning Jordan but would like to emphasize that the sums in question are quite small in relation to the programme’s total budget ECU 50 million.

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A second loan of 200 Mio ECU for the same purpose was decided on 22. We have created a step by step guide to betting online to show you just how straightforward the process is. The Foundation’s operating costs were covered by a 10% commission on the amounts reserved for the projects. Whilst the Court must emphasize that the establishment of such a network is absolutely essential, it is nevertheless of the opinion that merely computerizing the data to be supplied under the transit system is unlikely to resolve all the problems encountered in the procedures for obtaining information from traders principals, consignees, etc. Some universities did not pay the fellowship holders their full contractual entitlements. As a consequence, the ‘management of intellectual resources` was selected as one of three strategic themes for which 587 Mio ECU were allocated see Table 9. The statement and an accompanying special report are issued at the same time as, but separately from, the annual report so that all three documents can be taken into account in the discharge procedure for 1994 together with the other special reports made by the Court since the 1993 discharge procedure. As of October 2021, 28 states and Washington, D. Click here to place a holiday pre order ahead of the formal relaunch of the Classic Cookie. OBSERVATIONS CONCERNING THE FOOD AID OPERATION OF 204 MIO ECU. The allowance scheme is defined by Articles 17 and 18 of the basic Regulation, the content of which was amended, with effect from 1 January 1995, by Council Regulation EC No 3318/94 of 22 December 1994. 2Hirer must provide credit card details at time of booking. Public collection title. 2 and 4255/88 OJ L 374 of 31. Observations concerning the import programme. Within the framework of the reform, it intends to propose that it should be strengthened and that monitoring should be improved. In order to claim an offer, bonus, or free bet on one of the many sites listed above, you may need to redeem a promo code. >REFERENCE TO A FILM>. The general budget was created by the Merger Treaty Article 20. The Commission’s supervision of the technical assistance monitoring has been insufficient. It was only during the second half of 1994 that a Committee was set up to consider the definition of eligibility for ESF financing. D In the specific case of the Limpopo Line rehabilitation project in Mozambique, the lack of information in the central departments in 1994 concerning supply contracts placed in 1992 and 1993 was the result of the Delegation’s heavy workload absence of the Delegate and elections in Mozambique.

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E maintain special accounts in relation to their operations as a PO. Publications Office 13. >REFERENCE TO A FILM>. However, given the high level of aid to the purchase price and the fact that most of the processors audited believed that a cut in aid perhaps of 10% could be borne, the minimum prices and aid should be reviewed. The app has odds on the most popular football events, and you can play casino games on it too. In Germany Frankfurt Airport, the customs authorities entered import duties in the accounts on the basis of the summary declaration, but the goods were not assigned a customs treatment or use according to the appropriate procedure. Commission supervision. Conducting constructive macroeconomic and budgetary dialogues;. According to internal instructions dating back to November 1994, the Commission requires informal consultation of at least three firms for contracts between 150 000 ECU and 300 000 ECU. Classes Extra and II, and extrapolating the result to the whole lot. Master Double Eagle Casino. The abstention principle will continue to be systematically applied. Bet at your own risk. The protocol of agreement expressly provided that interest earned directly or indirectly from deposits made by the Commission at the Bank of Algeria should be transferred in full to the programme’s account. If the information making it possible to locate the asset is not available, it may be impossible to effect a comparison between the data on the lists and the actual equipment. 38, reports are drawn up for certain regional programmes, those of the Caribbean and the Pacific in particular. This does not, however, affect the costs relating to the files, but could result in under use of amounts allocated to SMEs. This decrease is due to a very low rate of utilization under the budget headings relating to Community initiative programmes and innovation schemes, because, by comparison, consumption of appropriations under the headings relating to Community support frameworks CSFs was close to 100%. It should be borne in mind that the Objective 2 operations in Cantabria 1989 93 were monitored only by the monitoring committee for the CSF as a whole, since the central Spanish authorities were totally opposed to applying the Basque and Catalan subcommittee model to other Objective 2 regions. Thus it becomes even more important to find outlets for produce that would otherwise be destroyed. C all drums are assumed to contain the target weight;. 18+ NCAA Basketball Betting. More than 10% of the ERDF, was used for measures promoting local development and the sums are due to increase substantially during the 1994 99 period.

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In general, the agreements make provision for the amounts to be cancelled or refunded to the national Treasury or the region after 10 or 20 years, with a view to reinvestment in an O1 region. 86, data which ensure links with the financial systems will also be input into Sysbien, although its principal purpose will of course remain inventory and asset management. The much more strictly controlled option of a positive list was adopted by the Commission because the Algerian economy in general and the foreign exchange market in particular are highly regulated, with a predominant State enterprise sector. In order to fulfil the objectives of the Maastricht Treaty, an amount of 155 121 Mio ECU at 1992 prices was initially set aside for structural measures for the 1994 99 period. Enterprise policy managed by DG XXIII 5. B monitoring the implementation of the SASPs in each country, as provided for in the financing agreements;. The cases mentioned by the Court are similar to those found by the Commission during numerous on the spot checks. The Commission has established that the number of researchers and engineers in the Community is comparatively small 4 per 1 000 of the working population compared with 8 per 1 000 in the United States and 9 per 1 000 in Japan. Counterpart funds by intervention sector. In Italy Malpensa, recoveries are effected with delays of up to four months after receipt of the reply from the office of destination. The invitation to tender for carrying out this evaluation was published in OJ C 106/11 of 17. This sort of situation, which is economically rational but is not provided for by the Regulations, should be looked into by the Commission. The Commission notes the Court’s remarks on the implementation of effective coordination procedures to improve the coherence of the schemes listed in the integrated programme and will give thought to appropriate proposals to this end. Decreased by 4,7% over the three year period source: Eurostat;. The majority of corrugated steel structures are used as water bearing structures. This is why in a number of cases, because of the imperative closure deadlines, some appropriations could not be used up completely in the field. Simply touch a sportsbook app have a few so you can shop for the best prices, click on the match and select your betting choice. The Commission finances campaigns to promote these instruments. The various cases referred to by the Court will be investigated thoroughly by the Commission’s inspectors and, where appropriate, financial consequences will be drawn when the accounts are cleared. It is also necessary to make an important distinction between organizations with a broad economic integration mandate and others that are specialized on certain sectors or themes. External transit system. As the Court has noted, the complexity of regional cooperation can make it necessary to revamp programmes to take account of new developments. But the Commission did not take advantage of this possibility and the TACIS coordination units did not obtain the Commission’s authority to cooperate in this aid measure or to develop a programme for the use of the counterpart funds provided for in the operation. 1, if the Hirer cancels the booking and/or terminates this Agreement:a Between 10 Business Days and 7 Business Days prior to the Function Date, the Hirer must pay VNSWC 50% of the total estimated cost of the Function. Absence of producer organization intervention funds.

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To Place a Pickup or Delivery Order For The Restaurant CLICK HERE. When the audit was carried out in the Azores, the recognized producers’ organization was unable to fulfil the regulatory requirements. The 1969 regulation on which these rules are based is completely outdated and must be revised. The action plan laid down by the decision has fallen behind schedule. For nature projects involving the purchase of tracts of land, unforeseen problems relating to rights of access, the examination of ancient covenants, etc. PROJECT IMPLEMENTATION. The role of the Member States is thus limited to formally forwarding lists of projects to the Commission and classifying them according to the predetermined priorities laid down in the document of 30 September. If you’re physically located in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, West Virginia or Connecticut, you can start playing online casino games today by downloading the FanDuel Casino apps for iOS and Android, or through the FanDuel Sportsbooks apps for both Android and iOS. Our site is delivered by JavaScript. The paperwork for 1 300 TACIS contracts and 2 800 payments per year required this type of support service. It represents a crucial year in the development of regional policy. After a thorough study of the conditions for improving controls, the Commission proposed in 1993 a revision of Fund Regulations and implementing arrangements, which now include the following provisions. Dividing appropriations. Call for proposals for the AStA representative “Public Relations”. Which forces the bettor to keep the funds in the account for a much longer time. It is necessary in these circumstances to take into account the ‘fungible` nature of counterpart funds. Types of budget appropriations. Minimum prices and production aid 2. Title VII of Part Two of the third Lomé Convention organizes the regional cooperation of the sixth EDF , including inter regional and intra ACP cooperation. See the Court’s Special Report No 7/93, paragraphs 4. Only computer equipment 151,1 Mio ECU has been checked regularly over the past few years and it was possible that the Commission might have more reliable, and above all controllable, data for this equipment during the course of 1995. The item ‘Observation and assessment` is made up of five broad categories of expenditure: work of the European Observatory for SMEs, which publishes an annual report ; statistical work carried out by the SOEC in specific fields of responsibility, leading in particular to the publication of the report ‘Enterprises in Europe` ; studies, publications and participation in specific events; subsidies to projects carried out by external partners; work on evaluating enterprise policy to be carried out during the financial years 1995 and 1996 in accordance with Article 5 of the decision of June 1993 , covering both overall assessment of the measures taken and an assessment instrument by instrument. Coordination of the management of ESF measures 5. Most do, but often you’ll find that sportsbooks offer a mobile responsive website rather than a dedicated app.

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There are also dedicated tabs for live betting, so you’ll be able to zero right in on current and upcoming offerings right away. Kid sized versions of our most popular items. OBSERVATIONS ON THE ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGEMENT OF THE MEASURE. The Commission monitors a number of macroeconomic and social aggregates on a regular basis and, on the basis of the documents it receives, prepares its own assessments of the countries’ progress with economic reform. The action plan laid down by the decision has fallen behind schedule. In the Netherlands, available statistics for transit operations passing through the port of Rotterdam some 600 000 operations per year showed that, in some 3% of cases, operations had still not been discharged approximately six months after the transit declaration was registered, even though offices of departure are required to make enquiries after four months. The delay and the subsequent scaling down of the Isaka Terminal project, with the resulting diversion of increasing proportions of Rwanda traffic via the Northern Corridor route recently, due to improved operations at Isaka, this trend has been reversed. Terms and Conditions. All major mobile device types are supported; no matter if your device runs iOS or Android, you can almost always bet on sports from it. Now fans of esports can bet real money on their favorite teams and players, playing League of Legends, Counter Strike, Call of Duty, Dota 2 and more. This is where your mobile phone comes in handy. Another reason was that, in the case of certain industrial estates situated in mountainous areas, the new access routes had not yet been completed because of a lack of funds. Audits carried out in March 1995 by the Commission and the Court at the second university confirmed the information known to the Commission; corrective actions have been initiated. They concerned, for example, output of goods and services and intermediate consumption B, D, GR, UK, details of final household consumption on the economic territory L, or the remuneration of employees and the net surplus of the economy P.

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The number of successsfully concluded agreements is unavailable to the BCC, but stood at 13 for BC Net in 1992 and 7 in 1993. On the basis of Regulation EEC No 1319/85, the Commission and Member States must conduct joint inquiries to verify quality controls in the sector. Impossibility of declaring the values communicated to be reliable. Chapter 8 Financial instruments and banking activities 184. In general 60% of the produce withdrawn is destroyed. The vast majority of POs, which at present are able to commit the Community to expenditure, do not meet this criterion for recognition. Both factors explain why the role of the regional organizations has been limited in the regions that are mentioned. During the auditing of the latest declaration of expenditure, for an amount of 740 Mio PTA 4,3 Mio ECU, the Court found that. Financial allocations and types of projects undertaken 12. The registration for the DiE Days 2021 is now open.

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No surprise – there’s an app for that. The Court, as external auditor, has to review critically the arrangements made by management. Lastly, it recommended that. Relation between the OLAS and PICS systems. The commitments represent the potential total obligation only where the latter does not exceed 40 Mio ECU Article 20, paragraph 3, of Council Regulation 2082/93 or two years’ duration. In contrast to previous years, these charts indicate that staff will use up their annual leave during the year. The Commission welcomes the Court’s observations relating to the 25 projects encountering difficulties and will enhance the measures taken to finalize the projects. FanDuel is more than fantasy football. This scheme, which involved an exchange of contracts, was contrary to the provisions of the contracts with the Commission, and its whole purpose was to avoid the mobility requirements. However, there is no assessment of the impact overall and of each instrument. Monitoring of regional programmes 12. Administrative procedures. The interest was the subject of a recovery order issued on 14 March 1995 and a reminder was sent on 6 July. >REFERENCE TO A FILM>.

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In the case of mobile apps, your first priority should always be to check your devices’ primary service typically the App Store on iOS, or the Play Store on Android. From this viewpoint, the decisive factor is not lower tuna prices on their own but a fall below a given level which, based on historical series, will trigger the payment of minimum economic support to Community producers. Images by Getty Images and US Presswire. Electronic igniter Double Ignition 450mm w/ high Spark Plug For Catering Stove. Unless specifically approved in writing by VNSWC. The market for frozen tropical tuna produced by Community vessels is the world market, at the express wish of the Community, which, for the reasons set out in paragraph 3. Interreg I, however, provided the basis for genuine cross border contacts and for cross border projects under Interreg II. In some cases, the leasing of an asset may entail an option to buy which may result in the Commission becoming owner of the asset.


In response to the Court’s observations, the anomalies mentioned have been cleared up. During a joint audit with the Commission in Sicily, for example, no entry in the accounts had been made for an overall national public contribution of the order of 62 300 Mio LIT for the OPs Nos 90 6020 I1 and 90 1007 I2 approximately 31,5 Mio ECU, whereas the Commission had already committed some 60 Mio ECU. 15 for the reply to the Court’s remarks. Furthermore, the Court notes that 55% of all French and Spanish catches are sold on the world market and thus do not receive the allowance provided for by the Community Regulations. ANNEX Community measures in connection with the integrated programme in favour of enterprises. D no action was taken to recover the amounts paid in previous years for the 13 areas over claimed. Now that Virginia sports betting apps have launched, you have access to all of the markets and bet types you could ask for from your phone or tablet. The circumstances accompanying the audit and the substantial difference between the acceptance rate for the day of the audit and other days cast doubt on the Italian authorities thoroughness when executing quality controls. The proposal was backed up with hand drawn plans, even though the original plans were available, as the house in question was a brand new building, on the market for the first time. The Commission needs to insist on more rigorous application of the funds regulations and the financial regulation; it should also define more clearly the criteria for eligibility for aid. The Court’s Annual Report concerning the financial year 1992 6. TABLE OF CONTENTS Paragraph reference. The available information showed that the number of items requiring correction rose from 265 514 at the end of June 1993 to 608 387 at 6 June 1994. Finally, systems are needed which are sufficiently rigorous for accounting use. As a result, the interim and final reports on the research activities undertaken were subject to cursory examination only. Chapter 14 Court of Auditors 313. The Commission will pursue its efforts to improve the ESF financial management and programming. The Commission has already warned some national authorities of the problem and will be issuing an official communication. These audits were independent of each other, but were carried out in coordination and involved discussions at the planning, fieldwork and completion stages. Annual Report concerning the financial year 1990, paragraphs 14. Improvements to the technical assistance monitoring of the SASPs are, therefore, required. Out of a total of 651 476 425 ECU frozen at the beginning of the financial year 1995, 456 589 764 ECU 70% of this amount was already frozen at the beginning of the previous financial year. In 1994, the Court continued its review of the checks carried out by the Commission, in cooperation with the Member States, on the GNP data forwarded to it by the latter. The Court suggests that the terms of reference for technical assistance be revised accordingly but this raises two problems. The amount wrongly paid following the 36 checks on the spot was approximately 10 800 ECU. The work took longer than usual to complete, since matters had to be explained in detail to new staff and because a number of checks were duplicated.